Italian citizenship by judicial means

Our team is prepared to help you in a few clicks in the recognition of your Italian citizenship by judicial means, whether against queues at consulates, maternal line or natural child)

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“If the hearing should be held in presence, an extra fee of 500 euro shall be paid”

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    You are an Italian descent, you have already created your family tree and you know where the Italian and foreign documents that prove your right to be able to recognize Italian citizenship are.


    You don’t want to wait years in lines at Italian consulates to recognize your citizenship, you can’t go to Italy or your transmission line is maternal and the costs to hire lawyers in Italy are very high.


    Sator is the platform that helps you recognize your Italian citizenship through the courts, putting at your disposal a team of experts who will carry out your judicial process of recognition your citizenship directly in Italy with the best prices, without hidden costs and with total transparency.

    A team of specialists

    at your disposal

    • A team of Italian and local lawyers at your disposal. Our international team will handle your case before the competent court.


    • Biagio

      Biegio is a lawyer authorized to act in higher courts and when he is not studying for trials, he spends his free time with his family.


    • Elisa

      Elisa is a dynamic lawyer and when she is not in the office she relaxes on the Riviera Romagnola.


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      Giovanna is a passionate lawyer and when she is not busy on endless calls with her clients, she likes to go shopping and snacking in Piazza del Duomo.


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      Renato is a brilliant lawyer specializing in contentious appeals and when the courts give him a break he explores Puglia in search of the authentic flavors of his region.


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    • Fill in your details in the "get back your Italian citizenship" button and then you will receive an email with all the information you need to submit.

      Please read carefully the e-mail and reply attaching copies of your documents, as well as copies of identity documents and residence address of all applicants.

      Consult HERE the necessary documents

    • We will analyze your documents and information

      You will receive our guidelines by e-mail after the analysis of your documents and information submitted, including the power of attorney that will designate the attorney that will represent you with all the guidelines for the signature, as well as the contract of adhesion to our services that must be signed and sent by e-mail.

    • You send us the initial scanned power of attorney.

      Our team will analyze the power of attorney and if you are able to proceed with it, you will receive the guidelines for structuring and sending the final documentation to be submitted so that we can initiate the judicial process.

    • Send us the final documents

      You will send the scanned documentation according to the guidelines received. We will then perform a second analysis and if possible, we will present you with the data for sending the original documentation that must remain on file. Once the documentation is received, the process will be registered and you will receive all the guidelines to follow up.

    • Get back your Italian citizenship

    How can I help you?

    Anyone who is a descendant of an Italian, unless the transmission of Italian citizenship has been interrupted by the choice (naturalization) of the Italian who emigrated.

    “The judicial process against the queues at the consulates is indicated for those who meet all the requirements to carry out the procedure through the Italian consulates, but do not wish to wait for long years in the queues (which are on average more than 8/10 years).

    Already the judicial process by the maternal route is addressed to those descendants who possess in the direct line of transmission children born before 1948 of a woman in the same line of tramision. In such cases, the recognition of Italian citizenship will be exclusively through the judicial process.”

    “No. Provided that the protocols of the Consulate of reference confirm that the administrative procedure will take longer than the legally foreseen duration (730 days for the completion of the procedure from the date of the initial application), the application for immediate recognition of Italian Citizenship may be filed through a judicial process, a process that will go hand in hand with the administrative procedure.

    “Upon receipt of the originals of the power of attorney appointing the lawyer who will represent you and of the documents, the process (Art. 702 bis of the Italian Code of Civil Procedure) will be electronically filed with the Court Distributor.
    The Distributor will make available the case number and determine the responsible Judge who will schedule a hearing.
    At that time we will communicate to the Italian Ministry of the Interior and participate in the hearing.
    Subsequently the Judge will issue his decision/sentence and after the legal deadline the transit in court will be requested (which shows that there are no more appeals and that the decision is final).
    After this step the request will be sent to the Italian Comune of competence to transcribe the birth certificate(s) of the applicant(s)”

    In cases where the documentation is fully adequate, our success rate is 99%.

    “The entire process takes about 2/3 years, it also varies from Judge and Court positions.
    On average, the wait for the assignment of a practice number is 1 month.
    Plus 1 month for the setting of the hearing, taking into account that this can be set up to 2 years later.
    From hearing to sentencing 6 months. From sentencing to transcription in mayor’s offices/municipalities 6 additional months.”

    No. Through the judicial process, we take care of everything.

    Todos los documentos se describen en el siguiente link: Document

    Yes, all documents must be delivered translated and apostilled (originals and translations). We need all originals.

    Birth or baptism certificate and marriage certificate (Italian certificate if done in Italy, local certificate if done in a foreign country).

    “There are two situations:

    Loss of the right: if the naturalization of the Italian ascendant (dante causa) took place before the birth of the child in the direct line of transmission, the right is lost because the transmission of Italian citizenship was interrupted.

    No loss of right: if the naturalization of the Italian ascendant (dante causa) took place AFTER the birth of the child, the transmission of Italian citizenship and the possibility of requesting recognition of Italian citizenship will be identified.”

    A Certificate of Naturalization issued by the competent entity, stating that the naturalization occurred after the birth of the child(ren), must be presented.

    You must present the Certificate of NON-naturalization issued through the competent entity of your country.

    Older children and younger children may participate in the process and will count toward the applicant count.

    No, unless you expressly renounce in front of the authorities of your country of birth.

    You will be able to follow the progress of your process through the Ministry’s application. App Store or Google Play or by contacting us directly in your language for any questions.

    Yes, you can include your certificate at this time or if you prefer, you can request a transcript later at the commune of residence or at the Consulate of the district responsible in the case of residence abroad.

    The only expenses not included are those related to grant funds in the event of loss of the lawsuit, except that, although the probability of loss of our equipment is less than 1%, this possibility exists.