BLV Sator Limited, a legal entity governed by the law of United Kingdom, with registered office at 1st Floor, Healthaid House, Marlborough Hill, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 1UD (UK), (“Sator”), is committed to provide its services in favour of the client/s (“Client”) according with the present general terms and conditions of this contract (“Contract”).


Clause 1. Sator shall arrange all the required steps to prepare, present and support the follow-up of judicial proceedings for the recognition of Italian citizenship iure sanguinis also throughout the outsourcing of the legal representation activity to inscribed lawyer.


Clause 2. Sator in particular shall:

a) support the preparation of documentation so that the criteria listed in Italian legislation for Italian citizenship iure sanguinis recognition are met and carry out the analysis of the documentation submitted by the Client; support the research of missing Italian documents (excluded for the specific need of genealogical research);

b) intermediate the hiring, on behalf of the Client, of a lawyer duly qualified to practice law in Italian territory, specifically and limitedly, with the aim of promoting legal action with the purpose of having Italian citizenship recognized iure sanguinis for himself and, when applicable, for the other interested parties indicated by the Client who will also appear in the active pole of the lawsuit; draft and submit the relevant power of attorney; check the signature/s, apostille/s and translation of the original documents submitted by the Client;

c) represent the Client before the Italian lawyer to be appointed by Sator;

d) carry out any acts and measures necessary and/or inherent and/or helpful, in all Italian private and public offices, as well as bodies directly or indirectly linked to them, whether by delegation, concession or other means;

e) Make the appointed lawyer represent and assist the Client in front of the first instance competent court, until the first instance decision; in case of appeal, different and new estimation of costs and fees will be agreed;

f) Follow up on the judgment enforcement carry out by the appointed lawyer;

g) make available to the Client the process result and, in the event of a positive outcome, (bearing in mind that Sator only assumes obligation of means not ensuring a positive result that depends on judicial interpretation and case law), an original copy of the transcript of the acts related to the Client’s civil records, and when applicable, of the other interested parties indicated by the Client who have appeared in the active pole of the lawsuit.

Clause 3. To achieve the object of this contract, the Client must:

a) submit to Sator all the documentation indicated on the website to enable the judicial process of recognition of Italian citizenship in accordance with Italian legislation, including any corrections/rectifications, under Client’s own exclusive responsibility related to the originality of documents;

b) communicate with Sator, and, when applicable, the other interested parties indicated by the Client who will also appear in the active pole of the lawsuit, exclusively through the means indicated by Sator;

c) pay the costs provided for in this Contract in accordance with the indications presented by Sator and according with the Client’s selection on payments options allowed by the webpage.


Clause 4. all communications will be carried out exclusively through e-mail [email protected] at the e-mail address provided by the Client. It remains at exclusive Client’s responsibility the control and check of incoming messages and the correct reception / storage / conservation. 


Clause 5. All legal/procedural expenses incurred by Sator and directly linked to the ordinary achievement of the object of this Contract are included in the prices agreed between the parties.


Clause 6. It is agreed between the parties that in order to achieve the object of this Contract, the Client will pay Sator the total amount of the fees and costs as indicated on according with the Client’s selection, in accordance with the guidelines and within the deadlines set forth therein.


Clause 7. This Contract will remain in force until the judgment decision and, if positive, that will include the judgment confirmation deed and inscription in the municipality registries.

This Contract will be immediately terminated in case of default by the Client of any amounts owed to Sator.


Clause 8. Sator is committed to protect Client’s data according with the applicable law set forth at article 9, and in particular also comply with the disposition of GDPR.


Clause 9. The applicable law to the present Contract shall be exclusively the United Kingdom Law.

To settle any disputes arising from this Contract, shall be exclusively competent the Court where the Client has set the residence or domicile. In case of more than one demandants, the competent Court shall be the main/first demandant one.